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Are you a small business?  Do you utilize social media in your marketing efforts?  If not, you’re potentially missing out on some free marketing.  Our law firm utilizes a number of social media outlets, including Pinterest.  We don’t run many contests or sweepstakes, but we know that many of our small business clients do.  We thought our small business readers might be interested to know that Pinterest recently updated its Acceptable Use Policy for businesses running contests and/or sweepstakes.

What’s New?

Pinterest now encourages your business to “…encourage authentic behavior, keep Pinterest spam-free and be sure to comply with all relevant laws and regulations.”  Unlike the previous policy, now just three rules apply:

1)      Don’t require anyone to Pin a specific image, but you can give your Pinners the option to select from a group of Pins you provide or even from a certain website;
2)      Don’t allow more than one entry per Pinner;
3)      Don’t suggest that Pinterest sponsors or endorses the promotion.

We know all about the value of social media marketing here at Batey Law Office.  Contact us at (502) 509-9407 to learn more about how we can help you navigate intellectual property law and social media marketing. 



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